IFTDA Master class- Meet the Directors is a monthly event hosted by IFTDA for its members. The event has Master Classes of Master Directors who have earned their eminence by directing super hit and classic films. The celebrity status of the Master Directors helps the members with the experiences, pitfalls and opportunities which add to the profile of the Members.  The said opportunity creates a platform for aspiring actors , filmmakers to interact with established film directors and in process,  learn and hone the craft of filmmaking. Film-making is a process where one constantly learns and hones their craft, whether it is from watching some of the finest films ever made or seeking the advice of film-making luminaries who have left indelible impressions on the film community with their work.

Meet The Director Master Class is an attempt by the Indian Film and TV Directors’ Association (IFTDA) to create a platform where there is a confluence of young aspiring filmmakers and existing greats of Indian cinema who have made several remarkable films over the years. It is a platform where the film-making community comes together to share ideas and experiences, thereby making for a thoroughly rewarding experience. “The Film and directors association conceptualized this Master Class to feature the great directors of Indian cinema, where in each of the members chat with each other, sharing their learnings enabling the younger generations to learn from their experience.