Indian Film & Television Directors’ Association, having its office in Mumbai enrols Directors, Assistant Directors, Creative Directors, Assistant Creative Directors, Associate Creative Directors, Casting Directors and Assistant Casting Directors  who thereafter have the liberty to work in the entertainment industry without any restriction from any other film body.

We have in place effective Sub Committees to deal with specific issues of our members. The Dispute Settlement Committee meetings are regularly convened to solve the dispute matters of our members with Producers and help them recover their hard earned remuneration dues.

The Medicare and Welfare Committee of IFTDA provides medical help and also medicines to the needy members of the Association. 

A preliminary scrutiny of all the applications is carried  out by the Membership Committee to identify and enrol applicants having true passion for film making.

IFTDA’s Events Committee organizes Master Classes with Master Directors being moderated by equally talented directors. The main purpose of these Master Classes is to give our striving directors and assistant directors an insight into the challenges faced by successful directors before they found fame. Interesting anecdotes from their journey, behind-the-scenes tales,  tips and tricks to remain resilient and motivated are discussed. Eminent directors are also felicitated for their achievements during the Master Class events.

Workshops for Assistant Directors are conducted by established directors/ writers/ editors/ cinematographers who discuss various aspects of film making techniques with newbies as well as  experienced assistant directors. 

Another event which has been a colossal success is our short film festival – IFTDA Shorties,  wherein we invite participation from not only our members but also aspiring and upcoming independent filmmakers. The films are judged by a panel of brilliant Directors who narrow down the entries and select award winners in various categories.

IFTDA has zero tolerance for sexual harassment. We have our Internal Complaints Committee consisting of a council of members from the Association and distinguished lawyers. Complaints of members are heard and unbiased decisions made on the basis of meetings with the accused and the complainant.

IFTDA stands by its members whenever their artistic expression and  creative freedom is being curbed, be it by the Central Board of Film Certification or the society.

In a nutshell, IFTDA takes care of their Members’ health, adopts stern methods of recovery of their remuneration and supports them through thick and thin.