IFTDA advantages



Indian Film & Television Directors’ Association fondly called (IFTDA) is the only association in India having office in Mumbai, where bonafide members have the liberty to work as Directors/ Asst. Directors in the entire world, without any restriction from any other film body.

The membership of IFTDA is mandatory. It is a trade union organization without any political overtones and not biased towards anyone.

IFTDA has opened its manifold wings like Dispute SettlementCommittee, which undertakes to solve the dispute matters of their members with Producers and helps to recover the remuneration dues of members.

IFTDA’s Medicare Welfare Committee helps the members at the time of Member’s medical needs for critical illness, operations, medicines etc.

The Prospective Members of IFTDA are judged by MembershipCommittee, who gives membership only to the deserving, having passion for Cinema and aspiration to grow in their careers in the field of Cinema and Television.

IFTDA’s Events Committee organizes Master Classes of MasterDirectors who have earned their eminence by directing super hit and classic films. The celebrity status of the Master Directors helps the members with the experiences, pitfalls and opportunities which add to the profile of the Members. There are other programs like ‘Baatcheet’ where the members are at liberty to be casual in their talks, theirexperiences, jokes and gossips with Apno ke Sang.

The Assistant Directors are taught the various crafts of film making through Workshops undertaken by renowned Film and TV Directors, Writers, Editors, Cinematographers, Commercial Graphic Designers and others.

In a nutshell, IFTDA takes care of their Members’ health, adopts stern methods of recovery of their remuneration, guides them at every step of their career to reach the zenith of success and creative satisfaction.

Members make IFTDA proud of them and IFTDA does everything for the dignity and honour of their Members.